Coaches giving the training

Ben Koh (MCC), Ihab Badawi (PCC)

Transformative Coaching – ICF approved Coaching Certification Program

November 15, 2016

09:00am to 05:30pm

The program we are offering is accredited from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and provides you with 75 Hours of Core Training for professional Coaching. The program is comprised  of 4 Days In-Person Training followed by 35hrs Supervised Practical Coaching via an online platform that spans over 10 weeks [ once per week, weekday for 1 1/2/ hrs ]. 

The program is based on Transformative Coaching, a manner of coaching using an inside-out evocative approach that allows people to tap into their inner resources and core values.  Developed over many years by Master Certified Coach (MCC), Ben Koh, the founder of Coach Masters Academy which runs programs in more than 14 countries. His proprietary technology applies the Awareness–Clarity–Choice Conversation model that integrates the science of EQ and Positive Psychology creating a robust platform that results in sustainable change in those you work with.

Why Transformative Coaching? Transformative Coaching stands on the cutting edge of the expanding coaching profession. While traditionally, tactical coaching has been useful for trouble-shooting, problem solving and optioning, transformative coaching focuses on deepened learning that results in gaining fresh perspectives and new directions. The change produced is often more sustainable.

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