Hanadi Beydoun

Wellness Coach, Executive Coach
Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change
Hanadi Baydoun is a certified Health & Executive Coach by the International Federation (ICF), as well licensed dietician with BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from American University of Beirut. She, also, holds certification Hazard AnalysCritical Control Points

Hani M Ramadan

Life, Business, and Career Coach
There is no Undo or “Ctrl Z” in Life! So look at the future and move forward…

Ihab Badawi – PCC | CFE | CME

Executive Coach, Business Coach, Career Coach
Transform yourself, Transform your Life
Ihab Badawi is a Corporate Advisor & Leadership Coach holding PCC credential with the International Federation. With BA in Public Administration from AUB and an MLAU, further added certifications as Marketing Executive (CME), Franchise Expert (CFE). He enjoys

Josiane Khoury

Life Coach, Career Coach
Water the roots to enjoy the fruits. What does not kill you strengthen you
Josiane is a Certified Master life coach from the American University of NLP - AUNLP. She holds a professional change coaching certification from the Change Coaching Institute, Insurance diploma

Joumana Mansour

Life Coach, Wellness Coach
Joumana is a certified life and wellness coach, personal growth Yoginstructor, nutritionist, Reiki practitioner. Drawing on her extensive experience that spans nearly two decades of learning teaching in the United States Lebanon, will guide you to find your
Be The Change That You Wish To See in The World. Mahatma Gandhi