Michèle Dagher Fattal

Life Coach, Career Coach
“Accompagner le mouvement, la transition créatrice”
Born and educated in Lebanon, Michèle has worked in the Education field for over ten years.In 1990, she moved to Paris and worked for an antiquarian, with the next challenge being motherhood! Once

Myrna Baroudy Makhlouf

Life Coach
Myrna is Lebanese and lives in Hazmieh, Mar Takla. She is married to Fouad Makhlouf and has two boys, Jad 13, and Raja 11. After a successful career in journalism and advertising, Myrna decided

Nadine Abdel Khalek

Life Coach, Career Coach
Find magic in your self
She believes that giving is a secret to a fulfilling life. Always interest in growing and developing, Nadine initially studied Archaeology at the USEK and started her career as an Admin coordinator

Nadine Ajam

Life and Executive Coach
Do your best until you know better. When you better, do better.