Zeina Ghossoub El-Aswad (PhD, PCC, CWC)

Executive Coach, Wellness Coach
"Aspire without limits. Live with passion. Pursue with heart. Never settle, but be content." ~ Naim El-Aswad
Dr. Zeina Ghossoub El-Aswad is a wellness and executive coach. She is also a clinical dietitian and the founder and director of VieSaine, a wellness and healthcare center in Beirut, Lebanon. In French, Vie Saine means "healthy life”.

Zeina Hariri Berjaoui

Life Coach
“What you seek is seeking you” - RUMI
Becoming a life coach does not come from vain .It is way of experience. It all started when she was working in Future TV (1994-2008) as producer several kids and adults programs ,then an assistant head division Lycee Abdel Kader school (2005-till